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My name Tracy, means warrior.

My life's canvas is a tapestry of battle scars, overcoming myself & the beliefs I've had about me.

A head-on car crash that left me in a wheelchair, sexual trauma, life shattering betrayal, bankruptcy, disordered eating, and a nervous system that was far from regulated are just some of the beautiful gifts that have allowed me to remember my Divine truth.

I believe we are all a Masterpiece, a piece of the Master.

I AM a warrior.

After 7 reconstructive surgeries from a crash, doctors told me I'd never walk without a cane, I chose to imagine something different. I now run marathons, play golf, pickleball & kayak.

You can experience the life of your dreams too!

What we believe about ourselves will ALWAYS come true.

I've proudly grown multiple companies & have a proven track record of success assisting over 3500+ entrepreneurs in mastery & transformation.

I'd love to guide you on an expedition to YOUR Divine truth.


What is Micro-dosing?

Is it safe?


What can it help with?

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How does it work?

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"When I met Tracy, my nervous system was flooded with stress hormones. I was easily triggered, anxious, irritable, depressed & overall in discomfort.

But Tracy's positive energy, compassion & knowledge gave me hope for something better.

Since starting my expedition, I'm feeling much better & growing exponentially. Tracy's wisdom & insight provide authentic guidance that is cracking me open with love, so I can see IN myself, what I could not see before. I'm grateful for a phenomenal coach who's truly helping me heal myself."

Angie H

Licensed Psychologist

"75 days into my 1st Expedition I was able to come off all my depression meds after 11 years. Tracy helps me turn my mountains into speed bumps & I am learning to love my life. I'm so grateful to have hope for my future. I now know I can create anything I set my mind to. This was the best decision for me. I didn't think I could afford it at first, but NOW...

I would pay 100X. It's a life saver. Literally.

Sydney H


..For the first time in my life I actually 'like' myself. I now believe I can overcome my negative thinking to feel good again. I'm only 3 weeks in and I'm blown away. Tracy is beyond words, working with her is life changing. Years of painful trauma melting away. My family connections are improving and my life is better than I could imagine.

I'm so glad this is real.


Sales Executive

During my first expedition I discovered just how much I had been neglecting my self and not realizing it. Micro-dosing with Tracy gives me the ability through understanding to have the courage & energy I need to shift my thinking and get out of my own way. I've tried every modality of healing and this has been the most effective of them all. I'm so excited to experience more of my life from this new state of being that feels so good.


Corporate Administrator


Micro-dosing plant medicine (enthogens) assists in regulating the nervous system by creating new neural pathways in the brain. Supported with a clear intention and elevated emotion, a way is made for new thought patterns to emerge getting us out of our old habits and beliefs, quickly and with ease.


White Hallucinogenic Mushrooms
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  • Become the OBSERVER creating metacognition
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Plant new seeds by showing up for myself

Expanding Heart
  • Learn to feel good
  • Establish internal stability
  • Fall in love with my future


"Tracy has an uncanny ability to open my perspective about old behaviors and new thoughts, which has helped me recognize the wisdom within myself.

I always come away from our time another mile( or two or three) closer to the person I long to be."


"Working with Tracy is teaching me to listen to my body & mind more, allowing me to feel safe & more in control of my life and emotions. She helps me see things differently. Now I have freedom and confidence to create the life I want.


Being cultivated by Tracy is one of the most powerful things I have experienced in my life. I have more confidence in who I am and what my I'm here to share, deeper connections with people and my business went to $300K in 3 months of working with her.

What can I expect from an Expedition?

  • A magnificent journey of transformation
  • To show up for myself daily
  • To learn to feel good

This is YOUR life, NOT another class, workshop, or program…

It's an expedition, exploration, an epic adventure.

A life reimagined.

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Life long benefits

  • Increased confidence & reduced anxiety
  • Overcome addictions & dependency on pharmaceuticals, alcohol and/or stress
  • Regulated nervous system
  • A more positive outlook on life